Intellectual property and patent law firm design and branding project

This France-based law firm is specializes in Intellectual Property law and New Technologies law. Mrs. Bessière has advised and defended international and local corporations as well as individuals and organizations for more than a decade. Mrs. Bessière also teaches Intellectual Property law in several higher academic institutions in France. As a Design Studio, it is always a challenge to approach a project like this one.

patent law firm websiteThe image we had to convey had to be serious, and professional, qualities one expects from a lawyer. But on the other side, the specific nature of our clients’ activity being Intellectual Property law, they interact on a day-to-day basis with artists, inventors, music composers and many other highly creative individuals, who need to feel they will be understood. This law firm will not be able to retain these clients with a visual environment that is too “cold” or too “corporate”.

patent law firm designWe had to find the right balance between serious and creative, serious enough to inspire confidence, and “artistic” enough to express their identity. Mrs. Bessière, is the founding partner of this firm, so it was key to create a more feminine visual environment, but without ever becoming too “soft”. As we launched the website, we had already incorporated in their social media enough visual content to lay the base of their online representation. Simultaneously, we created their whole stationery, business cards, letterhead paper and marketing material.