Zoo York Apparel Design and Merchandising

In 1993, skateboarders teamed up to found the East Coast’s first true skateboarding-inspired lifestyle brand – Zoo York. What started off as a simple line of decks and T-shirts steadily grew into a full-blown streetwear collection sold and recognised worldwide. zoo york merchandisingOur friends at Zoo York reached out to us to design Spring and Fall collections targeting the European markets for 2013, 2014 and 2015. The European distributors of Zoo York felt they needed to complement the lines designed by the NYC headquarters with more fashion forward collections. We changed all the fits for all categories, to have a tighter and slimmer silhouette.Our fabric selection was also elaborated to position the brand higher up in a specialized retail, next to all the premium and upcoming skate brands. In order to be respectful of the heritage of the brand, we looked for inspiration in vintage american workwear, as well as in nineties sportswear, and mixed it up with carefully crafted Zoo York graphics.

zoo york technical design


Today, Zoo York is a highly evolved, globally recognized brand with unbreakable East Coast attitude and dialect. As it has since day one, Zoo’s product line continues to be heavily influenced by skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, punk, and everything in between. The Manhattan-based brand serves up a wide range of casual, utilitarian looks for men and women that fuse authentic military-influenced overtones with iconic Zoo York City imagery. Additionally, the company continues to be backed strongly by the Zoo Crew, which includes original NYC graffiti artists, designers, musicians, BMX riders, and some of the biggest names in the skateboard community.

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